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Pork, Sparklepyres, and Unicorn Meat


Unicorn meat.
Does such a delicacy truely exist?
If so, I must find the new white meat and give this sparkly marvel a taste.

Hey, maybe if they run out of unicorns to grind and can, they can just take some of Smeyer's sparklepyres.
I'm sure Edward would be nutritious.
Packed with being the girliest excuse for a "male" "vampire" and awesome abusive boyfriend-ness.

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So, I'm just chillin' with my Coke, watching Video on Trial (all Beyonce, holla!). I was kind of zoned out until they sentenced Beyonce to do naughty stuff with a robot (see title).

Just did a random "workout" on the wii fit. Does anybody else feel like a total dork whilst doing this? The Hula Hoop game. I feel somewhere between an exotic dancer with a hip problem and an old person, no offence to those mentioned.

Random fact: Did you know that a tam-o-shanter is a brimless wool cap with a "bobble" on top?

That is the beauty of having a dictionary first published in 1902. Yeah. That's the most reliable one in my house. It's pretty ghetto.

Now that you are sufficiently distracted by this segment's lack of content, you should know I have found a great love for a man named Edward Cul-- Gorey. He has a few books, all which are mildly (or not so mildly) morbid and drop-dead random. Like the epileptic bicycle.

Definately worth a look if you're bored.

Did you know, I don't really like Coke. Or pop in general. What?

Woah! Wait just a second. That advertisement was about a cougar (the lady kind, not the animal). Lol-what?

Well, as nothing has really happened yet today, I should wrap this up.
Have a more interesting day than me.

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  So, it's not quite officially summer vacation, but as I only need to go back once on the 29th, I'm going to say it's close enough. Not many plans yet, but I did get to hang with Becca, which is always cool-beans.

  We started playing Silent Hill 4:The Room. Not bad, but has some flaws. Like ghosts. Yes, ghosts. When I first heard about them I though "My goodness, that's lame." and guess what? They are. the float around and are stupid. No really, they are actually stupid. They just bump into walls and get in our way. But they are good for a laugh. Heh.  Speaking of stupid things being good for a laugh, the protagonist, Henry Townshend is pretty... Slow.  "Creepy....It looks like  face." "Of course there's nobody in the bathtub." "Where did this big TV come from? I though I had a record player here?" I LOLed.
But in all honesty it's not a bad game. If it was possible, I would probably marry the series. I mean, the games have been in my life since I was, like, 5 or 6. So, over 10 years.

  Apparently in California there is a Silent Hill haunted house thing. Can you say road-trip? Yes.

  We also walked to the park. At night. Apparently it closes at dusk. That was fun.
I loved getting half-lost on the way back too.  "Kingswood Road? School Road? Where is this!?"
I was expecting to get jumped, like, any second. I don't trust anyone. Good times.

I think we all need to hang, my little LJ newbs.


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